Thermally Induced Fracturing

Do you notice that your modelled injection pressure is higher than the actual injection pressure or you want to start injection at a lower pressure to maximise injectivity index. Look no further, as we are the foremost company in the UK that understands this process to support your assets needs. This process is called thermally induced fractures (TIF). It occurs as a result of cooling caused by the contrast in temperature of the injection or circulation fluid and the reservoir rock (Smith. et al, 2013.

Our TIF services includes: Geomechanical modelling of the thermal induced fracturing process • Engineering design and its impact on sandface completion design • Implementation and operational support of TIF operations • Surveillance of thermal induced fracturing performance throughout the life of the well

What we can deliver:

  • Accurate identification of the reservoir mechanical integrity issues affected by thermal changes
  • Overcoming formation damage and faster initiation of injection
  • Improved equipment size and cost through proper sizing
  • Enhanced long term injection performance in terms of pore pressure maintenance
  • First class track record in managing the technical and operational issues associated with TIF


How your asset will benefit:

  • Lower cost and times from completion to injection start up
  • Reduction in plant size and cost
  • Higher injection rates at lower pressures resulting in a more efficient process
  • Reduced risk due to effective and real-time water injection management
  • Lower cost per barrel of water injected

Source: Smith F. et al 2013 “Thermal fracturing in high and low permeability sandstone reservoirs in the North Sea”, EAGE workshop, Brasil.