Real time data acquisition is a powerful tool to diagnose, monitor and improve well and equipment performance. Our continuous Sand and Pore Pressure Management & Surveillance program (SPMS®) is a very effective engineering process for the diagnosis of wells, flowlines and plant performance. Risks to the asset from erosion, production impairment and poor productivity can be identified in real-time and proper actions taken to mitigate the potential consequences.

What we can deliver:

Particularly effective for reservoirs producing solids or water injection programs where flow conditions can contribute to completion failure, pipeline plugging and obstruction/damage to plant and process equipment. It is also effective for water injector programs, for instance, where pore pressure maintenance is critical to optimise reservoir performance.

  • Timely identification of risks to the asset integrity and production assurance
  • Faster diagnosis and response to operational events that might impair production
  • Better understanding of reservoir response to production and injection to predict and manage reservoir pressure
  • Improved planning of stimulation and intervention
  • Long term performance improvement of pressure support programs
  • Continuous optimisation of production/injection throughout the life of the asset

Image – SPMS
Real time optimisation for wells producing sand
Image – Mechanical erosion
Performance surveillance and monitoring resulted in replacement of eroded choke.

How your asset will benefit:

  • Effective decision-making
  • Continuous real-time well and system performance optimisation
  • Timely diagnosis and identification of risks
  • Maximisation of revenue and profit due to pore pressure maintenance and reduced sanding
  • Longer asset life