Water Injector Performance

Effective reserves recovery and pore pressure maintenance is commonly achieved through water injection. In assets using injectors, well design varies dramatically and reservoir response requires continuous surveillance in order to ensure maximum hydrocarbons recovery, reservoir and well mechanical integrity through the life of the field. For many years, Innovative Engineering have helped our clients to enhance performance of their water injection operations throughout the injection processes (Plant, wells and reservoir)

What we can deliver:

  • Tailored well completion design including reservoirs that will produce sand
  • Accurate injection equipment sizing and water quality control
  • Optimised injection operations and procedures
  • Well and reservoir mechanical integrity assurance
  • Enhanced reservoir performance
  • Enhanced reservoir performance


How your asset will benefit:

  • Lower plant cost and equipment delivery times
  • Mitigation of well and reservoir integrity risk
  • Less plant shutdowns
  • Real-time based injection performance enhancement
  • Avoidance of expensive well interventions or workovers

Impact of Induced Thermal Stresses During Circulation Tests in an Engineered Fractured Geothermal Reservoir