Sanding Prediction

The prediction of sand production is a critical step in the sand face completion design process. It allows an understanding of the potential for wellbore failure under the expected production/injection conditions for the well. It is vital to understand the impact of sand production on your production targets in order to properly select your sand control options. Innovative Engineering utilizes in-house developed engineering systems based on a modified pseudo 3D model (Kessler, 1993) to determine the critical drawdown pressures (CDP) for the reservoir. Sand production predictions are presented for openhole and cased/perforated well configurations. Sensitivity studies to pressure depletion, well paths, and stress orientation can also be conducted.

Our Sanding prediction service includes • Determination of the onset of sand production and recommendation for sand control options • Well path and sand control design - selection of the optimum perforation strategy • Determination of safe operating envelope for producing the well through the field life • Estimation of sand production volumes during well clean out and during production

What we can deliver:

Sanding predictions can be customised based on your needs; this will lead to a number of operational, technical and economic advantages such as:

  • Determination of optimum pressure drawdown conditions throughout the life cycle of a well/field.
  • Determine sand free production rates and sand management issues.
  • Select the optimum production bore size, well path, deviation and orientation.
  • Optimise the decision process for selecting open hole or cased/perforated options
  • Estimate erosion rates and sand production volumes for development of a field environmentally compliant and safe production strategy.
  • Investigate the possibility of completing a well in its drilled configuration if the target depth could not be reached to minimize development cost
  • Optimise production strategy by changing individual layer’s contribution according to the prevailing geomechanical conditions and deliverability requirements


How your asset will benefit:

  • Simplified operational planning hence reduced risk, lower cost and times from completion to injection start up
  • Reduced non-productive time (NPT) and cost of rig through optimized completion design and equipment specifications for well construction
  • Reduced erosion risk and enhanced flow assurance
  • Avoidance of well failure due to sand production
  • Save the cost of drilling an additional horizontal section through the reservoir and installing sand screens