Decommissioning and Plug & Abandonment

Aging of producing reservoirs eventually leads to the need for cessation of operations. It necessitates operators to identify, design and implement strategies for safe abandonment of the wells. This means ensuring flow, pressure and mechanical integrity of the wells and reservoir throughout the field. External effects such as pressure maintenance, cuttings re-injection, petro-physical properties changes and well deterioration in time all affect both reservoir and well integrity. A robust abandonment approach must ensure that these risks are mitigated and that the final results assures environmental compliance and safe isolation of the reservoir and wells for the future. For over 20 years Innovative Engineering has been supporting our clients in their well and reservoir mechanical integrity requirements, from reservoir isolation and mechanical integrity analysis to annular leakage issues in wells ensuring that drilling and completion designs are robust and provide fit for purpose wells over the life of the field.

What we can deliver:

  • A robust mechanical diagnosis of the reservoir petro-physical and mechanical properties including boundaries integrity, faults and rock matrix at the wellbore including subsidence and compaction
  • Identification of risks in terms of reservoir and well isolation conditions (flow, pressure and mechanical integrity) and requirements for effective and safe abandonment
  • A complete design to internal and external well isolation and permanent barriers (mechanical, fluid selection, location, type and volumes) complying with Regulations 13 and 15, DCR for all three (3) abandonment phases
  • Determination of the stratigraphic column’s integrity to ensure Cap-Rock sealing and non-permeable reservoirs isolation
  • Efficient integration with operational requirements to ensure cost effective implementation of your abandonment program
  • Development of a surveillance strategy for the asset

Services – Decommissioning and Plug & Abandonment

How your asset will benefit:

  • Robust and reliable well and reservoir isolation
  • Assurance of compliance with HSE and OGA regulations and accepted practices resulting in a mitigation of risk and uncertainty
  • Cost effective identification of all reservoir and well integrity issues
  • Improved operational planning resulting in efficient use of required services and optimised expenditure