Cuttings Disposal and Re-Injection Services - CRI

Safe and environmentally compliant disposal of drill cuttings is an essential part of the well construction process. Whether the material is disposed overboard, transported for processing or re-injected in the subsurface, it needs to be carried out in a safe, cost effective manner that meet the local regulations and environmental policy.

For over 20 years Innovative Engineering has been supporting our clients with their well integrity and drill cuttings disposal operations, from modelling cutting’s deposition on the sea bed, disposal’s well design and geological target selection to effective surveillance and assessment of CRI operational programs robustness and associated risk. This has helped our clients to significantly reduce their cost, identify risks and potential reservoir and well integrity problems that might result in potential liabilities in the long term

What we can deliver:

  • Cuttings disposal method selection support both for onshore and offshore assets
  • Geological target identification ensuring its mechanical performance and fluid/solids containment
  • Well design and configuration to ensure internal and external integrity
  • Operational guide and optimisation for CRI operations during the life of the project
  • Assessment of existing CRI programs to identify risks and positively investigate change of method


Drill cuttings injection evaluation - Block 9/13 UKCS


Seabed cuttings deposition profile - Block 12/17b UKCS

How your asset will benefit:

  • Robust and reliable CRI operations
  • Assurance of environmental compliance with HSE and OGA regulations and accepted practices resulting in a mitigation of risk and uncertainty
  • Cost effective identification of all geological targets and well integrity issues that has resulted in large savings (£ 2 million/year for one operator alone)