Reservoir Mechanical Performance

Many events that affect performance of a reservoir are associated to its deformation as a result of depletion, overpressure and regional tectonics. Changes in permeability due to stress, limited deliverability resulting in poor reserves recovery is associated to mechanical performance of the rock. Our Reservoir Mechanical Performance process is an integral component of reservoir management that when integrated with traditional pressure and flow considerations lead to enhanced management and field economics.

What we can deliver:

  • Determination of the conditions affecting reservoir performance for identification of new well locations or production/injection problems
  • Improved reservoir deliverability predictions accounting for the changes in porosity and permeability due stress variations and anisotropy
  • Reservoir integrity verification through the evaluation of fault’s sealing and cap rock performance under depletion and/or injection
  • Production or injection optimisation using the thermal effect of water injection
  • Enhanced reservoir understanding through the identification and verification of fractured systems and flow directionality
  • Improved reservoir management through the accurate determination of pore pressure distribution and sources
  • Geomechanical characterisation of unconventional reservoirs and design of fracturing operations
Image – Reservoir Pressure Illustration
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How your asset will benefit:

  • Enhanced reserves recovery and field economic performance
  • Identification of areas with additional reserves or production potential
  • Better understanding of the reservoir behaviour
  • Long-term overall reservoir performance
  • Optimum well placement