At Innovative Engineering we have spent the last 20 years successfully developing practical, science based solutions for our clients needs. Based on a robust engineering and integrated with over 50 years of operational experience have resulted in optimised production and improved hydrocarbons recovery through better drilled, completed wells and managed reservoirs.

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Signpost – Rock testing service

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Innovative Engineering is a leading company in the areas of applied geomechanics, well construction, production optimisation and reservoir mechanical performance. Our team of engineers and geoscientists are enthusiastic, performance driven and form the critical element that allows the company to provide first class support to our clients. The company provides advanced rock and fluid-testing services to our clients for well construction, production optimisation and reservoir management.

The company is looking for a rock and fluid laboratory testing technician to work as part of the team. HND or equivalent qualification is desired. A minimum of 5 years of experience preferably in a laboratory testing environment, familiar with HSE, instrumentation and QA/QC testing processes. Experience with drilling/completion fluids as well as rock mechanical testing and mineral characterization of rocks is an advantage. An individual, fluent in both spoken and written English, with good communication and report writing skills, passionate about the application of testing and engineering processes in well construction and reservoir management, pro-active with a can do attitude, focused on precision and accuracy and ability to work independently is sought.

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Image – Wellbore stability

Innovative Engineering is a well and reservoir engineering consultancy based in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. Established in 1994 the company is involved in supporting our partners in the areas of well construction (drilling and completion), reservoir management, production optimisation and rock testing. We are actively seeking a geomechanical engineer to work as part of the team. The work involves capturing and calibrating data from logs, reports, production and drilling test in order to develop mechanical models for stresses, thermal, pore pressure, structural geology and rock mechanical rock properties. Good knowledge and application of such models to identify, describe and resolve reservoir mechanical behaviour and well performance issues related to the drilling, completion and production operations.

A graduate in engineering (mining, geology, geosciences, mechanical or petroleum) preferable with a Masters degree, the candidate should have a minimum of 4 years of proven experience in the discipline and with an operator or service company. Based in Edinburgh, the position requires excellent communication skills, high level computational sklls, ability to work independently, spoken and written fluency in English and capable of producing quality reports. Some travel is involved.