IE believes that partnering with both our clients and other services providers is essential to identifying opportunities and delivering value. Our service partners are selected for their complementary expertise and their shared values.


The synergy between IE and SGS allows each to provide an expanded level of services and capabilities offered. Together, we have the capability to add value and deliver projects across the full exploration and production cycle. SGS Horizon is a consultancy firm that provides integrated reservoir studies throughout the field life cycle, covering all subsurface, well and engineering aspects from exploration through development and production to abandonment. These solutions help the oil and gas industry extract value and deliver competitive advantage. Their in-depth knowledge and staff experience cover a wide range of oil and gas regions, settings and environments and enable them to tailor their services to almost any specific situation or project.

Their studies include:

  • Seismic processing and imaging
  • Geophysics and seismic interpretation
  • Reservoir geology
  • Petrophysics and quantitative log evaluation
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling, completion and well engineering
  • Facilities engineering and supervision
  • Acquisition and Divestment services

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To complement our existing expertise, IE has partnered with Belltree, a reservoir engineering consultancy based in Edinburgh, UK. Consulting for over 10 years, Belltree has a reputation for providing excellent technical and managerial services for clients ranging from small start-ups to the largest multinationals. In addition to standard services such as project management and reservoir simulation, Belltree go further with unique proprietary services such as BMARK to benchmark recovery factors and LTRO to rehabilitate mature fields, together with a dedicated unconventional resources department. These enable Belltree to understand asset value across the whole oil & gas spectrum.

Belltree complement their technical ability with commercial and risk awareness, adding value whilst helping clients develop greater insight into their assets.

Services include:

  • Asset & Reserves Evaluation
  • Field Development Planning
  • Mature Field Rehabilitation
  • Advanced & Compositional Simulation
  • EOR & Unconventional Reservoirs
Together, IE and Belltree can offer an experienced, proactive service to clients for the lifecycle of their project, from resource evaluation to well design.

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To complement our existing expertise, IE has partnered with SMS, a sand monitoring consultancy based in Aberdeen, UK. CSMS is a leading provider of specialist monitoring products and management services tailored to address the technical and economic challenges of reservoir sand and proppant production to surface processing facilities:

  • Sand & Erosion Monitoring - SMS provides a range of monitoring solutions from industry tried and tested intrusive erosion probes and acoustic sand detectors to state of the art sand imaging and wireless UT wall thickness monitoring technologies.
  • Well completion, testing and intervention - SMS provides a range of instrument rental packages that can be monitored either onsite or remotely by our highly trained field specialists.
  • Production Optimisation and Assurance - SMS consults closely with our clients to develop effective sand management policies that ensure the continued efficiency and throughput of plant and equipment.
  • Integrity Management - SMS consults closely with our clients to understand and evaluate the risk posed by sand production and associated erosion / corrosion mechanisms to develop effective monitoring and inspection strategies

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