Innovative Engineering was founded in July 1994 by J. Callander and J. Tovar. Starting from a well services and intervention background the company goals were to develop technology that would enhance well drilling and completion processes. Two decades have gone by and we have grown to become the partner of choice to many of our customers in the areas of well construction, production optimisation, rock testing and reservoir management. Over the years a number of milestones show our achievements through this journey.


  • First study for placement of CT in a confined environment completed for BPs’ Forties field - 1997
  • First sand production work SPMS™ carried out for Premier Oil in Myanmar - 1999
  • First patent awarded for CT cable suspension system VSU™ - 2000
  • Awarded a sand control training contract by Weatherford - 2000
  • GeoDRILL™ first application for Amerada Hess in the UK - 2001
  • First Sand Production Management program SPMS™ implemented for CNRI - 2003
  • IESL Houston office opened for servicing the Latin American Market - 2005
  • Coiled Tubing completion technology Reelift™ sold to the WoodGroup ESP - 2006
  • Geomechanical characterization of 280 wells for Pluspetrol Peru for GeoDRILL™ application - 2007
  • Carried out the first perforation design work for Talisman UK using GeoPerforation™ - 2008
  • Introduced the testing services, carried out the first work for Talisman Norway - 2009
  • First sand production management program SPMS™ for subsea wells implemented for for Centrica UK - 2009
  • Patent awarded for the development of a downhole gas separation system GMASS™ - 2010
  • Introduced GeoDRILL™services to West Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola - 2011
  • Introduced services for the design and management of wells in water injection or PWRI - 2012
  • Developed the first model to determine changes in porosity and permeability at the near wellbore for Darcy - 2013
  • IESL re-located its offices and testing facility to Edinburgh, Scotland. - 2014
  • Centrica’s Chestnut field SPMS™ program reached five (5) years of successful field production with over 11 mmbo and 130 tonnes of sand produced