Drilling problems associated with wellbore stability have plagued the industry for a long time. Such problems have resulted in poor drilling performance, production impairment and eventual loss of the wells. GeoDRILL® is an engineering process designed to identify and resolve wellbore stability and hole quality problems while drilling. Based on a THMC (Thermo-hydraulic-mechanical-chemical) approach, it allows determination of the optimum drilling conditions that will result in superior hole quality and minimised risk to the operations.

What we can deliver:

  • Enhanced well path design and placement resulting in accurate and efficient reach of the reservoir
  • Safe and stable drilling through optimum drilling fluid design and selection
  • Accurate determination of pore pressures expected ensuring well control
  • Superior hole quality in terms of size and shape so primary cementing can deliver proper well and reservoir isolation
  • Minimum operational risk through timely identification of problematic drilling conditions that can lead to losses, differential sticking, fractures and poor hole cleaning
  • Minimum production impairment through identification and mitigation of formation damaging mechanisms while drilling through the reservoir
Image – Wellbore stability
Hazard identification and drilling performance evaluation
Image – Computations

How your asset will benefit:

  • Stable wellbores
  • Accurate pore pressure prediction
  • Minimised operational risks
  • Premium hole quality
  • Maximum productivity