Inappropriate completion design will compromise equipment and well performance and in the long term it might lead to well failure. GeoCOMPLETION® is our engineering process developed to help our clients with the design and selection of the completion. Based on the integration of flow, pressure and mechanical integrity of the wellbore, this process ensures that that the drilled bores are efficiently converted to production systems.

What we can deliver:

  • Stable production or injection bores through accurate determination of wellbore integrity
  • Robust mechanical completion design for reservoirs with sanding problems
  • Optimum sand control method selection and filter media sizing to avoid production impairment
  • Verification of equipment sizing and performance through thorough testing
  • Enhanced production through minimisation of formation damage and superior perforation design
  • Reliable artificial lift method selection and equipment sizing
Image – Sanding Failure
Identification of sanding potential and optimization of production
Image – Computations

How your asset will benefit:

  • Robust and efficient completions
  • Maximum productivity and injectivity
  • Long-term well and equipment performance
  • Accurate sand control method and equipment selection
  • Superior perforation design